Shakespeare CFP: The Journal of the Wooden O

The Journal of the Wooden O is seeking submissions for the 2017 edition of their Shakespearean journal. The rolling deadline for scholarly articles is October 16, 2017. Submissions on all Shakespearean topics are accepted from undergraduate and graduate students, as … Continue reading

Hey, You! Graduate Student! Do You Want Some Scholarship Money?

Ah, graduate school—that magical time in your life when you devote so much of yourself to scholarship that rather than sleeping in your bed you tend to fall asleep on your keyboard instead (if, of course, your cat doesn’t get … Continue reading

Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning Chapter Events

Planning Chapter Events

Sometimes planning chapter events can be a daunting task. There are so many possibilities! How do you narrow them down? How do you know that people are actually going to enjoy the activities you plan? What if you pick the … Continue reading

Embracing Mistakes: Daniel Mendelsohn and Storytelling

Savannah, Georgia

2014 Convention Story by Amy Pollard Vice President, Kappa Upsilon Chapter Saint Martin’s University, Lacey, WA I traveled 3,000 miles to Savannah, Georgia . . . to learn that I’d made a mistake. It was Friday night. I’d just returned … Continue reading

It’s All About the Fog

This piece was the honorable mention winner in the 2013-2014 Far Western Region Blog Contest. by Leah Becker Vice President, Alpha Upsilon Epsilon chapter University of Portland, Portland, OR Northwest literature is all about fog. Yes, there is much more … Continue reading

Why I Serve

By Robert “Chaos” Durborow Associate Student Representative, Far Western Region Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT The first rule, as my dear old dad drilled into me from birth (a minor exaggeration…but not much), is: pay attention. These two words … Continue reading

Far Western Region Blog Contest Rules and Guidelines

Revised Deadline: January 31, 2014 Topic We are seeking entries for the Far Western Region’s page on the Society blog, WORDY by Nature. Contestants are invited to submit a blog article of no less than 400 and no more than … Continue reading

Twitter Expanded: 4 Sep. ’09,

This piece was the first place winner in the 2012-2013 Far Western Region Blog Contest in the Open Topic category. A call for submissions for the 2013-2014 regional blog contests will be announced soon. by Lindsey Nguyen Treasurer, Phi Phi … Continue reading

A Gatsby Inspired Send-Off

by Katie Patterson-Hutlett Far Western Student Representative, 2013-2014 Dixie State University, St. George, UT After a fantastic year of successes and awesome member participation, my fellow officers, Chapter Sponsor, and I chose to end the year with a grand celebration. … Continue reading

On Seattle and Songwriting

by Joanne Santomauro President, 2012-2013 Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA While Washington isn’t exactly known as our country’s hub of literary achievement (does Twilight count?), Seattle does dominate the language arts in one category: songwriting. Say what you will … Continue reading