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Get the Most Out of Your Alumni Network

brandeberry_smby Lauren Brandeberry
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I recently came across a wonderful, must-read article about taking advantage of your school’s alumni network. It contains some great advice such as:

While face-to-face meetups are still a common and extremely beneficial way to build connections with alumni, social media is opening up new avenues for networking. In fact, many schools foster alumni networks on Facebook, LinkedIn, and, more recently, Google +. These offer students the chance to talk with alumni across the country as well as those who live locally.

Even though these types of sites may seem like impersonal places to make connections, they can be just as useful as meeting with alumni in more traditional formats. John Muscarello, at 2008 grad of York College of Pennsylvania, used his school’s LinkedIn alumni group to find a job and build a professional network. While some might be intimidated, he says it was easy: “I simply introduced myself to alumni and asked them for help and guidance during my job search.” His success wasn’t a fluke, however. “My sister used the same tactic and found a job in less than six weeks.”
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Alumni networks are increasingly important for professional success. Did you know that as a Sigma Tau Delta member, you also have access to a Sigma Tau Delta alumni network? Whether you are still in school, recently graduated, or have been in the workforce for a while, make sure to join these groups to get the most out of your alumni network:

Sigma Tau Delta LinkedIn Page

Sigma Tau Delta Alumni Facebook Group

Alumni Epsilon LogoIf you want to take your alumni experience to the next level, consider joining the Alumni Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta to facilitate ongoing communication and networking between Sigma Tau Delta alumni and the activities of Sigma Tau Delta at the national level. Membership in the Alumni Epsilon Chapter allows you to continue receiving important news and information from Sigma Tau Delta, provides opportunities to publish your work and submit to the annual international convention, and offers chances to apply for special scholarships and grants just for alumni members.

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