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Kristen Ditmore Candidate Profile

Kristen Ditmore
Candidate for Student Representative or Associate Student Representative, Southwestern Region

Sophomore, Wayland Baptist University
Eta Theta Chapter

Expected date of graduation: May 2013
Year Inducted 2010

Positions, other memberships, offices, etc., currently or recently held: Historian for the Eta Theta Chapter Spring 2010 to currently

In no more than 500 words, explain why you are running for office and comment on any skills, experience, or personal qualities you possess that would contribute to your performing the following duties: promoting communication among chapters, producing official publications, assisting your Regent, serving on the Student Leadership Committee:

I am running for office because I enjoy being actively involved in my local chapter and want to get more involved at the regional level and above. I am minoring in Mass Communication and many of my classes have prepared me for taking on the role of either Student Representative or Assistant Student Representative. I am currently taking a feature writing class and I have already completed a news writing class so I would be more than able to produce and contribute to official publications. Furthermore, as my chapter’s Historian I have already written an article about some of the projects we have been doing this year that was published in our school paper. I am a very organized person and I know how to manage my time to allow me to complete any and all responsibilities that I am given and I am also very much a people person so I would have no problem contributing to the communication between chapters within my region. I do not take my responsibilities lightly and will do the very best job I possibly can if I am elected into office.

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