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Chapter shirt from the 2011 Convention.

Chapter shirt from the 2011 Convention.

Hands down, THE most popular social event of the entire convention is the Dry T-shirt and Bad Poetry competitions.

Everyone knows what bad poetry is, though many don’t realize that Sigma Tau Deltans can get very competitive with ours, or that we offer great prizes such as gift certificates and books.

The concept of a dry T-shirt contest, however, is a mystery to many people. This is a shame, because it’s a very exciting opportunity for chapters.

One of the ways chapters can raise funds for the convention is by selling T-shirts, chapter journals, and all sorts of other merchandise such as tote-bags, bookmarks, buttons, even hand-made greeting cards and hair accessories. Attendees get a great chance to bring home unique souvenirs, and everyone has fun seeing the witty things their fellow Deltans have created. Some chapters rake in a tidy profit.

Chapters prepare to sell merchandise at the 2012 convention

Chapters prepare to sell merchandise at the 2012 convention

The Dry T-shirt Competition is a chance for chapters to promote the products they have for sale with a funny skit, like a live-action commercial for their merchandise. The prize for best skit is a $75 gift certificate to Mother’s Bistro, so the stakes are high. Some chapters go all out with props, costumes, and music. Check out some of last year’s skits on our YouTube channel, along with some bad poetry.

This year, we will be filming the Dry T-shirt Competition and some of the Bad Poetry Competition for posterity, so we are asking chapters to bring their “A game.” You won’t want to miss this!

Chapters wishing to reserve a table to sell merchandise may do so by emailing with the chapter name, the name and email of a contact person, and whether or not you wish to reserve a slot in the Dry T-shirt Competition. Chapter merchandise sales will be Friday and Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the registration area.

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