2012 Convention News Southwestern Region

Southwestern Student Leadership Candidate

Katherine Williams
Candidate for Southwestern Student Representative or Associate Student Representative, 2012-2013
Senior, Omicron Tau Chapter, Arkansas Tech University, AR

Positions, other memberships, offices, etc., currently or recently held:

Chapter Vice-President, 2009; Chapter President, 2009-2011; Southwestern Region Associate Student Representative, 2011-2012

Explain why you are running for office and comment on any skills, experience, or personal qualities you possess that would contribute to your performing the following duties: promoting communication among chapters other than your own, producing official publications, assisting your Regent, serving on the Student Leadership Committee. Further comments or ideas are encouraged. Include your region and your first and last name at the top of the page. Please do not include sensitive personal information in your essay. Candidate essays will be displayed publicly before the election. Do not exceed 500 words:

I am running for Student Representative or Associate Student Representative for the Southwest region because I enjoyed holding the ASR position for this region last year. Because of my previous experience as an ASR, I believe that I have much to offer as a Student Rep, or again as an Associate Student Rep. One central reason why I want to continue my role as a student leader, other than enjoying the company of other leaders at conventions, is because I believe that my participation in Sigma Tau Delta at the national level helps my small chapter at Arkansas Tech University; what I have learned about this organization has helped me be a better officer and has shown members and nonmembers the benefits and possibilities they can achieve. My experience as a student leader would benefit the Southwest region’s role in interchapter relations, and my experience as an editor in a student-run literary magazine would be beneficial when discussing student publications.

Overall, I believe that my role as a Student Representative or Associate Student Representative would benefit Sigma Tau Delta with my input and experience, and I would be happy to serve another year as a student leader.

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