2012 Convention News Southern Region

Southern Student Leadership Candidate

Ginger King
Candidate for Southern Student Representative, 2012-2013
Senior, Alpha Mu Iota Chapter, Louisiana State University at Alexandria, LA

Positions, other memberships, offices, etc., currently or recently held:

Interim President of Sigma Tau Delta, Treasurer of Student Government

Explain why you are running for office and comment on any skills, experience, or personal qualities you possess that would contribute to your performing the following duties: promoting communication among chapters other than your own, producing official publications, assisting your Regent, serving on the Student Leadership Committee. Further comments or ideas are encouraged. Include your region and your first and last name at the top of the page. Please do not include sensitive personal information in your essay. Candidate essays will be displayed publicly before the election. Do not exceed 500 words:

I am running for Student Representative so I can learn how to encourage others to become part of an organization that rewards its members by increasing confidence and pride in one’s future. I admire the commitment to learning and intellectual growth which Sigma Tau Delta represents. I would very much like to be part of the greater world of Sigma Tau.

As Interim President of my campus chapter of Sigma Tau Delta (interim because our chapter had a changeover in faculty sponsorship, and because of student graduations), my goal has been to increase our campus community involvement, and increase membership. The first step toward reaching these goals was selling valentines with quotes from famous love poems. The fund raiser received a great response and seemed to give us a place in campus organizations. We are in the middle of planning an in-house conference for presenting papers. We hope to build upon that next year by inviting area schools to participate as well. I want my enthusiasm for involving more students (and fostering growth) in the society to help our chapter increase its membership while allowing opportunities for student leadership, which is what I enjoy about being a Sigma Tau Delta member.

A part of my responsibility as an officer in my campus’s Student Government Association (SGA) is serving as a voice for students. The number of non-traditional students entering colleges has increased greatly. As a non-traditional student, I realize I offer a unique perspective and provide valuable insight into student needs and wishes. Another advantage to being a non-traditional student is amount of life experience I can bring to the role of Student Representative. I have acquired important skills in organization, communication, and collaboration which will be beneficial to performing the duties required of a Southern Regional Representative.

I am literate in the use of computers and other technologies—I am currently interning at the Arna Bontemps Home and Museum, where I write press releases and update the Website.
Campus activism has intrigued me since I first understood that speaking up and empathizing can help change intolerable situations, or just make life generally better. Applying what I already know to the work of this prestigious honor society, and learning more from it, is what I can bring to the position of Southern Representative. Membership in Sigma Tau has helped me expand the horizons I’ve dreamed of reaching; the chance to offer my excitement to other Sigma Tau members is a wonderful opportunity—and one I absolutely want to take advantage of!

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