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Summer Internships

Allie Reznik
Student Advisor, 2011-2012

While it feels that spring semester has just begun, with initial papers due and spring break so close yet so far, it’s already time to start planning your summer. As a Sigma Tau Delta member, you have special access to the Better World Books internship in Alpharetta, Georgia, and Penguin Group USA internship in New York City. While many internships are unpaid, recipients of these great opportunities are paid for their work and receive a stipend from Sigma Tau Delta to supplement their expenses.

As English and creative writing majors ,we’ve all been told, on most likely more than one occasion, that internships are essential to professional development and networking. Interning is also, of course, a great way to build your resume. You can also explore multiple career options and shadow professionals in your areas of interest. My own experiences with interning have helped me determine the landmarks of my professional journey. As an undergraduate I interned with Pennsylvania Presenters. I had the wonderful experience of working closely with the conference director to write articles, take photographs, and direct artists, presenters and agents to various sessions.

Another incredible internship experience of mine includes working with Dr. Lynne Bruckner on her co-edited, recently published book Ecocritical Shakespeare. While the majority of my work included line editing text and formatting the bibliography in Ashgate Publishing style, the stimulating conversations that I had with Dr. Bruckner illuminated my understanding of the academic field. Thanks to this internship I now have a credit in print and a more comprehensive understanding of academia that will influence the rest of my academic career.

Have you had an internship that has influenced your future career decision? Share it with us! If you haven’t yet, consider applying for a Sigma Tau Delta internship!

Applications are due by January 31, so be sure to look at the applications ( and take advantage of these great opportunities!

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