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Associate Student Representative Bio – Nick Miller

Nick Miller

High Plains Associate Student Representative, 2011-2012
Chadron State College

Expected Date of Graduation: May 2014
Positions, other memberships, offices, etc., currently or recently held:
President of CSC chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, Campus Activity Board Representative for CSC chapter of Sigma Tau Delta.

Hello Everyone!

I first stumbled into the Sigma Tau Delta organization  when I was a wide-eyed freshman, amazed at the professionalism of my peers and professors alike, and equally amazed at the literary prowess these individuals carried. The chapter president decided I would become the Campus Activities Board Representative for the group,  which is an important position for a underclassman to have. As the CAB Rep I had to ensure that the club would get money from the school to host activities (such as Open Mic), and, of course, I was nervous.

Once I began to feel more comfortable with the responsibilities that were bestowed upon me, I wanted to become more involved with the club. It was almost like an addiction. I remember waking up at night debating with myself about which brand of fake spider webs would look better on the podium for Scream Slam (CSC’s Halloween themed Open Mic), or which poem to open with at Open Mic. Often I could be seen running around the English Department offices, in a state of bewilderment, trying to print fliers, or running around campus with bucket of chalk in tow to advertise some upcoming event. Eventually I made my way to president (or as my fellow Sigma Tau Delta members at CSC call me, “El Presidente”) and I was determined to do two things: get more English majors involved in Sigma Tau Delta, and figure out how this organization works on a society level.

I am going to sound pretty daft by saying this, but, until a few months ago, I was completely in the dark as to how this English Honor society actually ran. I knew that there was some form of hierarchy above chapter president, but I simply never looked into it. Dr. Miller really pushed me to become more involved with the club, and I took his advice out of a combination of curiosity and a desire to get outside myself. Recently I went to my first Sigma Tau Delta regional conference, and I met some really great people who had a profound level of love for literature. This experience was really inspiring, and gave me that final push to nominate myself for Associate Student Representative. I am very grateful that I was accepted into the position of Associate Student Representative, and I promise that I will work hard with the Student Representative to spread the word about Sigma Tau Delta.

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